Every day, in addition to traditional fish and seafood dishes, prepared with catches from both the lagoon and the sea, you will find new creative specialities made with the freshest local market ingredients which offer the true flavours of our land. We also always have a selection of traditional, fine meat cuts and a great variety of pizzas. 
Here are some of our specialities:  

Tuna and swordfish carpaccio
Raw langoustines
Venus clams Venetian appetiser (mantis shrimps, prawns, baby octopuses, scallops, sarde in saor)
Spiny spider crab
Prawns with polenta
Baccalà mantecato (creamed dried cod)   

First courses
Gran Tecia
Potato gnocchetti with spiny spider crab sauce
Fish risotto
Fish soup with garlic bread croutons
Seafood tacconi  

Second courses
Bream, sea bass, sole, baby squid - mainly grilled
Oven baked monk fish and brill with potatoes, olives and cherry tomatoes
Langoustines, giant prawns, squid and many other varieties of fish depending on the day’s catch
Chateau-briand with sautéed potatoes, fried onions and Bernese sauce

Warm apple cake with pistachio sauce
Chocolate soufflé with rum sauce
Home-made Tiramisu