the restaurant
Ristorante Gran Viale is not just dedicated to tourists. Its central and privileged location has not deterred the locals, who choose it constantly as one of their favourites. As it is also popular with painters, sculptors and personalities linked with the Venice Biennale, it is known locally as the “Artists’ Restaurant”.

According to Claudio Barbiero, the secret of its success is in the commitment he and his business partner Luciano put in everything they do and in their uncompromising dedication to quality. From food to cleaning and customer care, everything must be supported by passion, commitment and the ability to build an honest and friendly relationship with clients. 

Ristorante Gran Viale offers a wide choice of dishes, but the most popular are those derived from Venice’s traditional cuisine, which relies mainly on fish. Many personalities form the show business and the political world, who have sat at its tables and enjoyed its cuisine, have left extremely positive comments in the restaurant’s guest book.
Ever since its inauguration, in January 2007, Ristorante Gran Viale has been a great success. The credit goes to its two young and motivated owners: Claudio Barbiero and Luciano Corazzin, who after twenty years of experience in a number of restaurants across Italy and Europe, and after working as Chef at the restaurant “Antico Martini” in Venice, decided to join forces and open a new and dynamic restaurant.
The young team’s professionalism and friendliness are the restaurant’s trademark and the reason of its success with local and international clientele.